Looking for something better than Mailchimp? Stop searching! Postr is perfect for you

Stop paying the huge fees associated with Mailchimp for things that you won’t need. We created Postr to give you an easy-to-use platform that is simple and cost-effective so you can focus on growing what's important to your business. Besides, we accept all the businesses Mailchimp constantly bans. These are:

  • Pornography/sexually explicit content
  • Dating
  • Cannabis Businesses
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Casino, gambling and betting services or products
  • Multi-level and Affiliate marketing
  • Credit repair and get out of debt opportunities
  • List brokers or list rental services
  • Cryptocurrencies

Postr is less than half the price of MailChimp, so why would you choose anything other than Postr for your email marketing needs?


Postr is like mailchimp without the features that most of us don't use!


Whether you are an established business looking for our premium plans or a startup just getting off the ground, Postr fits all of your needs


Clients who have been switching over to Postr have been saving from 50% to 80% of their email marketing budget

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